What is the best move for your family?

This may be hard to believe, but guess what’s just around the corner? Indeed, the glorious cooler days of Fall are near. It means back to school, settling in, and hunkering down for the colder months. So now is the time to decide the best move for your family. Sellers know that slower months are ahead and are discounting prices. According to a report from Trulia, it may be the last year to get the best deal. As the economy improves and wages continue to increase, home prices are expected to rise throughout the 2019 to 2020 period

Now is the time to buy!

The Conna O’Donovan Team

The One Decor Item That Will Wow Guests as Soon as
They Walk in the Door
We’re all guilty of it: We come home from a long day, throw open the door, and toss our keys and wallet on the entryway table. You know—the thing that’s probably already covered in stacks of mail and assorted junk you promise yourself daily you’ll stow away.

But if you can’t see your table through the piled-up crap, neither can anyone else. And that’s a problem—because the entryway table is actually the one item setting the tone for the rest of your home.

“Your entry table is second only to your front door as the first impression you will make,” says Beverly Solomon of the eponymous design firm. And “that first impression is critical.”