With over 29 years of experience listing homes in Pensacola, we at Conna O’Donovan Real Estate know the dos and don’ts of home listing in the area. Our goal is to sell your home quickly and give you the highest price possible, while working with you and your needs closely. Pricing your home correctly is essential to a successful sale, and so we take it very seriously. Many things are taken into consideration when pricing your home, including similar sold properties, market trends, and your home’s special characteristics. See below some important advice to take into account.

Trust Expert Advice on Pricing

Often, humans tend to overvalue their assets, and when it comes to homes, can be particularly confident that their price is right. The truth of the matter is, pricing a home is a complex process that requires an objective analysis of many factors. We at Conna O’Donovan Real Estate are here to help you determine your home’s worth based on comparable of similar properties sold in your neighborhood and other market considerations. We want you to get the most for your home, and will price your home accordingly.

Take Listing Pricing Lightly

When we compare the competition, it is important to remember that current asking prices are just that – asking prices. More important in the evaluation are sold listings in the area, which indicate the actual historical value of homes in your neighborhood. Don’t let other current listings in your area be an overwhelming factor in deciding your home’s sale price.

Price to be found on real estate search

There are many pricing strategies taken into account, but one of the most important is to think like a buyer. Most buyers tend to outline their needs and limit their price at a single figure, say, under $500k (or some other dollar amount). This price may be determined by their income, or pre-approval letter with the bank, but regardless, their agent will then set up a search in the MLS for any homes within their criteria under $500k. If, for the sake of example, a home is listed at $510k, it will not be included in the search results and the buyer will miss it. Thus, be aware of the buyer search patterns and how to appeal to given markets. Home prices are flexible, and tend to change during negotiation, so where to list your home from the start is a subtle art. Take advantage of your Conna O’Donovan Real Estate Agents to determine what is best for your home.

Pricing is an ongoing discussion

In the end, the market is always fluctuating, and so a good pricing strategy should always include the option the change price point if needed. It is our job to know what works and what doesn’t, and we will be quick to inform you of our recommendations when appropriate. What’s important for you to remember is that pricing is an ongoing discussion, not something you set and forget. A lot of factors come into plan, and not all of them can be anticipated, so be flexible and prepared to respond to changing market conditions and new information.