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Completely free of charge, we’ll use our expertise, market data, and an analysis of your home’s features to provide you with a comprehensive estimate of value.

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Online you’ll find plenty of opportunities to get an estimate of you’re home’s value, but how accurate are they really? Wouldn’t you rather have a real person help you determine what your Pensacola area home is worth? If you’re considering selling your home, we would be happy to give you a no-strings-attached estimate of the value of your property. Contact us below, and within 24 hours one of our agents – a real live person with tons of Pensacola area real estate experience – will get back to you with a custom estimate. With our free comparative market analysis on your home, we hope to meet you and have a chance to win your business!



Home Analysis

The first step in conducting a CMA is to analyze your home. Ideally, this should include both objective and subjective elements, but to begin we will take into account things like square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, land area, construction age, location, amenities and features (such as swimming pool and fireplace), recent improvements, and other subjective features like design, views, style, etc.

Listing Analysis

A CMA will always consider recently sold homes, but may also include analysis of active, pending, contingent, and withdrawn listings to identify your home’s prospective value. We will draw this information from Pensacola’s MLS system, and factor this information into your estimate. Similar properties may include homes in your neighborhood, or similar sized outfitted homes in nearby communities that compete with listings in your area.

Current Market Analysis

The market is always fluctuating, so a home sold down the street two months ago could sell today for a vastly different price. We at Conna O’Donovan Real Estate understand the market trends in the Pensacola area, and can accurately interpret the data to factor into your homes value.


Once the above information is taken into account and a starting estimate is established, we will present it to you expecting to learn more that may alter the analysis. During this call or face-to-face meeting, and with the CMA as a starting point, we will drill down further to create a more accurate estimate. Our goal is to help you feel comfortable with your market understanding, and with our abilities as real estate professionals. Through this process, we hope you will consider us as your listing agent, and will gladly answer any questions you may have beforehand. We look forward to working with you!

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Fill out the form below and with the information we will prepare a detailed comparative market analysis and get back to you within 48 hours. No strings attached – we are just happy to have the opportunity to serve you, and hopefully earn your business! If you would rather speak with an agent directly – skip the form and give Conna O’Donovan a call at her direct line: 850.232.4001. We would love to hear from you!

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