Purchasing a house is a large financial endeavor and an investment in your future. It’s more than just a shelter, but a place to call home, where family gathers to celebrate, and where children play and grow. These and more are reasons to be sure you know everything you can about the house you choose before buying.

One of the most important steps in this major real estate purchase is to have a home inspection. With so much at stake, home owners cannot afford surprises. This is why a home inspector is hired with the training and experience required to provide you with information you need to make an informed decision. Often hidden problems with the building are uncovered, though you may be the lucky few with everything in perfect condition; either way it is important to conduct a home inspection to know what to expect. With the help of Conna O’Donovan Real Estate, you may want to ask for repairs, or renegotiate the price to match what’s found, but as your agents we will be sure you respond appropriately to the inspection results and address the issues in the best way possible before proceeding with the purchase.


At Conna O’Donovan Real Estate, we encourage you to hire a professional Pensacola home inspector once you are under contract to purchase a home. Our Preferred Vendors page offers a list of inspectors we have worked well with in the past from which you can choose.

Obtaining an inspection is part of your due diligence as a home buyer. It is best that you be aware of any problems before – rather than after – you own the home. Typically, the home buyer is not on the property while the inspection is taking place, since most home inspections take several hours. Instead, the home buyer will meet the inspector afterwards with their Realtor to review the findings of the inspection, and the inspector will prepare a formal report to submit to the buyer within a couple days.

The price of a home inspection varies depending on the size and age of the home, and whether any special inspections must be included such as pool, termites, septic, etc. Conna O’Donovan Real Estate typically sees clients spend between


  • Structural Components
  • Exterior Faults
  • Roofing
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Heating/Air Condition
  • Insulation/Ventilation
  • Interiors/Appliances


Some features are not included in a regular home inspection, but may be required by your contract. Hiring a professional inspector for any of these issues is highly recommended and could save a buyer from expensive repairs in the future.

  • WDO/Termite Inspection
  • Mold


Following the inspection, you and your agent at Conna O’Donovan Real Estate will meet to analyze the findings and come to a decision about how best to respond. You may want to ask the seller to address the issues and pay for the repairs before closing. If the issues require it, we may advise a price renegotiation or a withdrawal from the deal altogether. Regardless, with the information provided by the home inspector, you will feel at ease knowing that you have made the best decisions regarding your new home, and that you avoided any potential costly repairs you would have otherwise missed.